Effective drugs for adenoma and prostatitis

Such common male diseases as prostatitis and adenoma, with inadequate treatment or lack thereof, often lead to dangerous consequences, including cancer and infertility. Therefore, at the first symptoms the man should consult a doctor. Only a specialist can choose an effective treatment for adenoma and prostatitis. The treatment of prostate pathologies with folk remedies is permissible only in the initial stage of mild form, provided that there are no complications. If the prostatitis or adenoma is complicated, severe or chronic, effective treatment is carried out only with drugs.

When is drug treatment for the prostate indicated?

the doctor prescribes the patient medicines for prostatitis

There are different ways to treat prostate pathologies. The best treatment for prostate adenoma and various forms of prostatitis can be chosen only by a doctor, taking into account the causes of the disease, the form, severity of the disease and the age of the patient.

Before choosing the best drug for prostate adenoma, the doctor must rule out the need for surgical treatment of the pathology. Drug therapy is indicated provided that a positive response is given to all of the following points:

  • excludes the possibility of prostate cancer;
  • the patient has no direct indications for surgical treatment of the disease;
  • lack of protrusion of the adenoma in the cavity of the ureter;
  • it is necessary to take into account the importance for the patient of maintaining sexual function and whether it is preserved during his treatment;
  • the man does not take other drugs for other diseases (reduction of blood clotting, diuretics, etc. ).

Before treating the pathology and choosing the most effective drug for prostate adenoma, the doctor must conduct the following tests:

  • on ultrasound assess the volume of residual urine and prostate volume;
  • performing uroflowmetry;
  • on a scale of symptoms, assess the severity of symptoms that bother the patient (problems with urea emptying or accumulation of urine);
  • it is important to clarify the list of comorbidities (strokes, heart attacks and diabetes).

Popular medicines

drugs for prostatitis

Some men prefer effective folk remedies for the treatment of prostate adenoma, but they do not always give the desired effect. A really good medicine on a natural or synthetic basis will help you choose a doctor when a man contacts him with complaints.

In the treatment of adenoma and prostatitis is usually used a range of drugs with different effects:

  1. If the pathology has arisen against the background of an infectious lesion, antibiotics are prescribed. These drugs destroy the pathogenic microorganisms that provoke the disease. In pathologies of the prostate of infectious origin, antibacterial agents from the following groups are usually prescribed:
    • fluoroquinolones;
    • penicillins;
    • tetracyclines.
    • Alpha-blockers are prescribed to relax the smooth muscles of the body and facilitate the flow of urine.
    • Antispasmodics and nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs stop inflammation, reduce the tone of the perineum and muscles of the body.
    • Hormone therapy is performed to reduce swelling, inflammation and normalize urination.
    • Herbal medicines have a complex effect (reduce inflammation and swelling, reduce pain, normalize organ function, prevent complications).